Percorso salute in legno di pino nordico impregnato in autoclave o larice realizzato da Linea Montanalegno - ILT

Fitness trail

The fitness trail of the Montanalegno line is the result of the collaboration between our technicians and qualified Physical Education Instructors.
It consists of 23 exercises that contribute to improving the well-being and motor development of those who use it.
However, versions reduced to 10, 12, 15 or 18 stations are also available.
All exercises have been designed so that they can be practiced both by adults and children, and also by the elderly.
The structures that allow the individual exercises to be carried out are accompanied by great illustrative posters, which explain how to perform the exercise.
Like all the games of the Montanalegno Line, the elements of the fitness trail are also made of scots pine wood impregnated in the autoclave with ecological salts, to ensure maximum safety and durability. On request it’s possible to produce it in larch wood.

The trail has been calibrated in several phases so that the body can move safely, respecting the rhythms of muscle warming and the strengthening and stretching phases.

PHASE 1: “Muscle warm up”
PHASE 2: “strengthening the limbs”
PHASE 3: “development of the sense of balance and motor coordination”
PHASE 4: “Abdominal, lumbar and pectoral muscle strengthening”
PHASE 5: “Stretching for muscle lengthening”