Fitness Trail 23 stations

Fitness trail

Complete fitness trail 23 stations

EXCERCISE 1: make circular movements with your arms; inhale by lifting them forward and exhale by lowering them back
EXCERCISE 2: with your legs apart; circle the torso to the left and right, inhale by raising the arms and exhale by lowering them
EXCERCISE 3: make elastic movements bending your knees and extending your arms forward. EXCERCISE 4: rotate the torso touching the right foot with the left hand and vice versa EXERCISE 5: bend and extend your arms while keeping your body tense
EXCERCISE 6: go beyond the obstacles
EXERCISE 7: flex your arms in suspension on the bar.
variant: bring the knees to the chest in suspension EXCERCISE 8: walk back and forth in balance
EXERCISE 9: grab at shoulder height, and with both feet, jump up and down changing rungs
EXCERCISE 10: supporting yourself with your hands, jump with both feet to the left and right of the tool while moving forward
EXCERCISE 11: grab the ropes, assume and hold the square position for a few seconds
EXERCISE 12: with legs apart, and with the small log on your shoulders, rotate the torso to the left and right, exhaling with each rotation
EXERCISE 13: do abdominal exercises on the inclined bench, keeping the lower limbs inclined at 90 ┬░ EXERCISE 14: holding the rings, circle the pelvis with joined feet
EXCERCISE 15: freely leap over the obstacles
EXERCISE 16: move forward by jumping with both feet to the right and to the left of the tool EXCERCISE 17: with your legs apart and hands on your hips, alternately bend your right and left leg EXCERCISE 18: flex your torso forward while keeping your legs bent at 90┬░
EXCERCISE 19: move forward hanging on the pegs
EXCERCISE 20: climb the obstacle by alternately changing the support foot
EXCERCISE 21: grab at the height of your shoulders and in with a jump lift yourself with extended arms EXCERCISE 22: stretching of the lower limbs: maintain the position for at least 30/40 seconds, exhaling deeply
EXCERCISE 23: stretching of the upper limbs: maintain the position for at least 30/40 seconds, exhaling deeply

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