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Cutting logs to size, sawn wood production, drying and special treatments

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Cutting and processing wood for the construction industry, industrial packaging and carpentry

The ILT sawmill department can count on a large log yard, where raw materials of every type pass through– logs of fir, pine and larch coming from high mountain forests managed in a sustainable way -, a modern plant for reducing stocks, removing barks, measuring, notching and sorting and a very high operational flexibility to meet every client's need in extremely short times, thanks to the continuous supply of wood.
We produce wood boards for industrial, construction and carpentry use, beams and prismatic beams up to
13.50 meters in length, boards divided into centimetres of various thicknesses, dried and HT treated material on request in compliance with the necessary certifications, with particular predisposition to perform order based works, even complex ones.

  • Wood products for the construction industry
  • Semi-finished products for industrial packaging and pallets
  • Secondary processing and semi-finished products
  • Round and sawn wood
  • Biomasses and waste

Wood products for the construction industry

ILT is a reference point for the supply of wood for the construction industry: boards, brackets, beams, prismatic beams, planed wood, of different sizes and with cut to size according to the client’s specifications, dried or with EC conformity marking if required, and any type of semi-finished product for constructions (from scaffolding to wooden structures for construction sites).
Thanks to the long experience gained in serving the most particular needs of construction companies and the latest generation machinery to perform multiple processes and treatments, we guarantee certified quality products for structural use and a prompt service for the consultation and assistance of each client.

Semi-finished products for industrial packaging and pallets

The production of semi-finished products for wooden packaging is one of the areas in which ILT has been mainly operating for a very long time and for which it is equipped with advanced technical skills and tools. We produce sawn wood for industrial packaging and pallets from quality PEFC certified wood.
Our specialist know-how is available to those who work in the design, assembly and supply of oversized packaging for the transport of special goods, with large dimensions and a complex structure.

Secondary processing and semi-finished products

The ILT sawmill department is specialized in the production of semi-finished wood elements of various types, to be used in many industrial sectors: straight and shaped elements, raw or planed, stripped, dried semi-finished products, drilled, milled and any type of product resulting from the first processing of wood, with wide possibilities of customizing shapes and sizes.
Thanks to the availability of specific equipment, we are also able to carry out various types of ancillary processing on request, from brushing to the FAO-certified HT heat treatment.

ILT has production lines of round, planed, conical and cylindrical beams, square cut beams Fiume and Trieste and other products deriving from the processing of spruce, silver fir, larch and scots pine logs, with a maximum length of 13 meters and diameters between 10 and 40 cm.
Square, half-round and round beams– with the possibility of shaping, painting, autoclave impregnation, head rounding, production of support surfaces in variable number and cuts to size – are intended for multiple fields of application and are used for wood carpentry (roofs and log houses ), fences, palisades, scaffoldings, reinforcement, consolidation and bioengineering.

Wood is a 100% raw material capable of being generated again and it does not produce any waste. Also the waste generated during the processing is recovered and reused for the production of clean energy, giving life to a virtuous circle that embraces the entire production cycle.
Every year ILT obtains more than 40,000 m3 of sawdust, chips, shavings and bark from the transformation of wood which are destined for sale to livestock companies, paper mills, horticulturalists, for the production of chipboard panels in specialized factories, for the power supply of biomass plants or, as in the case of wood chips, supplied exclusively to companies by virtue of specific commercial agreements.
Being a green company means avoiding waste and reducing consumption: we do so too.

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