Ticino Kiosk

Garden cottages and kiosks

Code 309525 | 309530

To meet the most different needs, here is the Ticino kiosk with hexagonal plant. With its modular and interchangeable walls, it can be used to support a commercial activity, in squares, on beaches, or as an information office.

It consists of a robust structure in autoclave-impregnated scots pine wood, and it’s completed by purlin walls 27 mm thick.

The 6-pitched roof is also made of purlins with a 27 mm thickness, and it’s covered with a layer of waterproofing slated sheath or asphalt shingles.

The Ticino kiosk comes in an assembly kit that includes, in addition to the pre-assembled walls and roof, the floor and a door complete with handle, lock and glass.

It’s produced in two different sizes, with two or five modules that can be opened, complete with hardware. On request it’s possible to produce it in larch wood.

Per maggiori informazioni su prodotti e acquisto è possibile chiamare allo 0342 706008 - 710575 or send an email to info@industrialegnamitirano.it

Ø 400 x h 280 cm

Ø 450 x h 300 cm