Basilea house

Garden cottages and kiosks

Code 309015 | 309020 | 309025

The Basilea house, made in various sizes, in addition to being used as a storage unit, can also be used in different ways thanks to its pleasant and neat finishes.

A robust structure made of autoclave-impregnated scots pine wood is completed by 27 mm thick purlin walls. The 2-pitched roof is also made of 27 mm thick purlins and is covered with a layer of waterproofing slated sheath or asphalt shingles.

The Basilea house is supplied in an assembly kit that includes, in addition to the pre-assembled walls and roof, the floor, a door and a window complete with handle, lock and glass.

On request it’s possible to produce it in larch wood.

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150 x 200 x h 260 cm

200 x 200 x h 260 cm

250 x 200 x h 260 cm