Parco giochi in legno realizzato da ILT


Wooden games and recreational facilities


Slides, swings, gyms, spring games, accessories

The Montanalegno line offers extensive experience in the design, supply and installation of structures and tools for wooden playgrounds intended for public or private areas for the activities of children and teenagers. The games for children and all the products of the Montanalegno Line are made on the basis of an extremely accurate design, subjected to checks during the production phases, fully compliant with European regulations on the safety of playgrounds and covered by a specific insurance policy. All the structures are designed to fit easily into any context and setting, and are inspired by the respect for the environment and the well-being of each child.

The assistance service of the Montanalegno line also deals with the maintenance and repair of wooden games and playing equipment, with interventions by specialized technicians and availability of specific spare parts.