Spluga table

Tables and chairs

Code 430120 | 430160 | 430190 | 430220 | 430250

This set integrates table and benches in a convenient and optimal solution which, thanks to the longitudinal base, guarantees an excellent stability, while at the same time making it difficult to remove the individual components.

All elements are bolted to each other, to ensure a unique robustness to the entire composition, which can also be easily fixed to the ground.

Tested and cared for in every detail, it is the result of adjustments due to many years of experience.

It’s produced in five different sizes, to meet the most diverse needs in terms of space and number of seats. There is also a model of reduced sizes, suitable for children, and one designed to be used by people with disabilities.

On request, the Spluga Set can be painted in various colours or produced using larch wood.

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120 x 120 x h 60 cm (Spluga baby) | 200 x 160 x h 85 cm | 200 x 190 x h 85 cm | 200 x 220 x h 85 cm | 200 x 250 x h 85 cm

Boards thickness:

45 mm