Lancillotto set with backrest

Tables and chairs

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The massive and linear structure of the Lancillotto set recalls the style of medieval architecture and it preserves the robustness which is characteristic of the artefacts of the time.

The supporting structure, the table top and the seats of the benches are made with a combination of rectangular elements with a thickness of 45 mm, and the table is provided with a footrest made with a cylindrical round wooden pole with a diameter of 80 mm.

All the elements are bolted to each other to ensure stability to the entire composition.

The great scenographic effect of this composition, produced in four different lengths, is the ideal complement to its functionality.

On request, the Lancillotto set can be painted in various colours or produced using larch wood.

For greater comfort, the Montanalegno line proposes the Lancillotto Set in the version with benches equipped with backrest.


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85 x 160 x h 78 cm

85 x 190 x h 78 cm

85 x 220 x h 78 cm

85 x 250 x h 78 cm



55 x 160 x h 89 cm

55 x 190 x h 89 cm

55 x 220 x h 89 cm

55 x 250 x h 89 cm

Boards thickness:

45 mm