Happy Garden Set

Tables and chairs

Code 410160 | 410190 | 410220 | 410250

It is a nice composition made by round wooden poles, sawn from outside the centre of the wood, with a diameter of 80 mm and 100 mm for the supporting structures and the elements of the rectangular table top; the seats and the backrest have a 45 mm thickness and are made of scots pine wood impregnated in the autoclave.

This line has a particularly attractive appearance, so it can be easily placed in any setting, from the private garden to the park. Moreover, the comfortable benches with the backrest can also be used separately.

The different lengths in which it is produced are the ideal solution for all the problems of space.

All elements are assembled with screws and bolts to ensure robustness, ease of maintenance and the maximum stability over time.

On request, the Happy Garden set can be painted in various colours or produced using larch wood.

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Dimensioni tavolo: 85 x 160 x h 85 cm | 85 x 190 x h 85 cm | 85 x 220 x h 85 cm | 85 x 250 x h 85 cm

Dimensioni panchine: 57 x 160 x h 85 cm | 57 x 190 x h 85 cm | 57 x 220 x 85 cm | 57 x 250 x h 85 cm

Boards thickness:

45 mm

Round elements:

├ś 80 mm