Noise barrier

Grids, windbreaks and noise barriers

Code 585100 | 585200

Usable as elements of completion for pergolas, carports and gazebos, or individually or with planters, the grids and windbreakers of Linea Montanalegno allow to create pleasant partitions that protect from atmospheric agents or prying eyes, favouring, if necessary, the growth of plants and vines. professionalism acquired over the years.



Known for the particular robustness and quality of the materials, grids and windbreakers are made of scots pine wood impregnated in the autoclave or, on request, in larch wood.

In addition, with the solution of the noise barrier you can achieve very good acoustic insulation of any type of building, against the noise from road or railway traffic, due to the high absorbing power obtained by the combination between the wool and the wood structure of scots pine impregnated in the autoclave.

The technology available to the technical office of Linea Montanalegno and the flexibility of our production allow us to realize customized grids, windbreaks and noise barriers, collaborating with the designer or with the final client to whom we are pleased to provide all the experience and the

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12 x 200 x h 100 cm

12 x 200 x h 200 cm